‘Set Music Free’ is Coffee House Sessions’ flagship campaign for 2017 – 2018. The campaign will engage students across the UK in live music performances, taking their music experiences beyond just their mobile phones and a pair of headphones.

The latest IFPI research shows that young fans remain highly engaged with music despite an abundance of competing media: with the vast majority of young people using streaming services on a regular basis, linking music consumption to smartphone usage. Despite this, the same demographic are said to be attending less gigs than previous generations, threatening the long-term sustainability and growth of the overall music market, and limiting the amount of time spent on communicating with their peers in the real world.

This worrying trend is already having a major impact on the live music industry, with traditional live performances on many university campuses having almost completely disappeared in the past decade. The Coffee House Sessions tour was launched as a direct response to this, delivering ‘pop-up’ daytime sessions at 20 university coffee houses across the UK. The Set Music Free campaign goes one step further, engaging students in a conversation about the importance of live music generally. 

‘Live’ remains the best way to enjoy music, and we want students to experience that joy for themselves. There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get when you stumble across an amazing new band or artist playing in your local venue. ‘Set Music Free’ is a timely campaign that will champion the benefits of engaging with live music, focusing on the emotional connection between fan and artist. Our tagline ‘See It. Hear It. Feel It.’ reflects this, and we are really excited to see how the Set Music Free campaign develops over the next academic year.

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