Track Of The Week: 20/1/17

Exam Season – Everything Is Salted Caramel

Exam Season’s new single ‘Everything Is Salted Caramel’ is the best kind of earworm. You might not realise that it’s a bona-fide banger right away but it won’t be long before you’re telling all your friends that the London four-piece are the most exciting new band you’ve heard in a long time.

Frontman Ed Watson addresses long-distance relationships on the track, telling us that it’s okay if you resent your partner from time to time. Everyone goes through it and “it’s important to know this is healthy”. It’ll make you appreciate those moments where you realise that you “love your partner with all your heart”.

The track was recorded with Bob Cooper (Nai Harvest, Allusondrugs) and is released on Friday December 16th via Art Is Hard as part of their Pin Pal Club singles series.